Weekly Bulletins – March 2024

March 29, 2024 – Article about the cost of manufacturing Ozempic; Action Item: Response needed to CAA Attestation Survey; Action Item: Reminder to respond to the calendar invitation to meet in person with Orlando Health leadership; Opportunity to attend the 2024 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference on 4/25; Final 2 speakers added to our Annual Conference; Information about the Coalition sign-on to ERISA letter; Follow-up to the Learn How to Use Florida’s Free Quality and Cost Transparency Tools webinar; Re-cap to the National Alliance’s webinar Navigating the Financial Landscape: Fiduciary Perspectives and Cost Management; Article explaining CVS Caremark’s underhanded use of the “rebate credit”; Article about a test that could protect against fatal chemo overdoses

March 22, 2024 – Action Item: CAA Attestation Survey; Summary of changes to Leapfrog Hospital Survey; Opportunity to learn how to use Florida’s free healthcare cost and quality transparency tools; Action Item: Response requested to calendar invitation to Orlando Health’s Employer meeting in downtown Orlando; Information about a National Alliance webinar on how to navigate the federal-state legal maze for ERISA health plans; Deadline for discounted hotel rooms for the Annual Conference approaching; Recap of the National Alliance Health Policy Summit and visit to Capitol Hill attended by Florida Alliance Board Chair Rosa Novo; Article explaining Cigna’s decision to cap increases for obesity drugs; Reporting from the WSJ on the financial crisis impacting Steward Health Care System; Membership update

March 15, 2024 – Opportunity to participate in Mental Health Initiative; Invitation to the final “Pulse of the Purchaser” webinar, Navigating the Financial Landscape: Fiduciary Perspectives and Cost Management; Invitation from Affiliate Member Genentech to attend webinar for a sneak preview of the 2024 Trend in Specialty Drug Benefit Design Report; Opportunity to learn how to use the updated FloridaHealthFinder website; Book giveaway to first 100 Employer Member Representatives registered for the 2024 Annual Conference; Recap of the Florida Alliance Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors; Follow-up to the National Alliance Sharing Employer Experience on CAA Attestation webinar

March 8, 2024 – Action Item: Mental Health Initiative opportunity; Reminder of Annual Meeting; Invitation to register for National Alliance webinar Navigating the Financial Landscape: Fiduciary Perspectives and Cost Management; New speaker added to Annual Conference; Health News Florida article about HCA North Florida Hospital surgery shutdown due to issues with instrument sterilization; Article from Wall Street Journal about the exorbitant cost to employers to cover weight-loss drugs; Article about Johnson & Johnson lawsuit filed by an employee alleging violation of ERISA

March 1, 2024 – Announcement that the Florida Alliance has been awarded a 2024 High-Cost Claims Initiative Grant; Release of National Alliance Employer Recommendations to Address Obesity Coverage; Notification that FL Alliance Affiliate Member The Lactation Network is now in-network with UnitedHealthcare; Second of 3-part Pulse of the Purchaser webinar series, Strategies for a Healthier Workplace webinar on March 5th; Reminder to register for FL Alliance Annual Meeting; Information to register for Annual Conference; Recap of Review of Type 2 Diabetes Report (Sanofi) webinar; Health and Cultural observances for March and April