“We value the unwavering dedication of the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value to improve the lives and health of our Florida citizens and to bring cutting-edge solutions to ever-changing healthcare challenges. Our company’s membership saves us a tremendous amount of time and work while also exposing us to best practices in every area of health care.”

Dr. Ray Bowman, CHRO and SVP for Talent and Team Development

“Because of the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value, I do not have to recreate the wheel. When our HR team needs help with a health insurance initiative, it is very likely that another member has had the same need in the past. And if not, the organization will circle the wagons and develop what you need and provide it to you.”

Ashley Bacot, Director of Risk Management

Rosen Hotels & Resorts, Inc.
“As a self-insured employee benefits association of employer member organizations from 27 Florida private education institutions, we are proud to have been members of the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value for 17+ years. We have received invaluable, unbiased information and guidance regarding how to serve our members with high quality, cost-effective health and wellbeing benefits that provide access to engaging programs that improve the health outcomes of our population. The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value serves to connect us to other like-minded stakeholders who cherish those same goals. We believe in their commitment to letting data drive the process in order to achieve these objectives and are thrilled to participate.”

Mark Weinstein, J.D., CPA, CEBS, LL.M., MPH, President & CEO

Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association (ICUBA)
“The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value has been extremely influential on patient safety, and thanks to their leadership we have seen significant gains in the quality and safety of care throughout Florida.”

Leah Binder, MA, MGA, President & CEO

The Leapfrog Group