About Us

“Simply put, healthcare quality is getting the right care to the right patient at the right time – every time.”

Carolyn Clancy, MD, Former Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, in testimony to the US Senate

Our Legacy of Quality Improvement

Our organization was established in 1984 as the Central Florida Health Care Coalition with the motto, “Quality First, Always.” Using the power and influence of Florida’s leading employers, we have accomplished impactful, groundbreaking work in improving the quality of health care. To reflect our statewide reach and influence, we changed our name to the Florida Health Care Coalition in 2004.

In 2019, we became the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value, a name that demonstrates our commitment to driving value in health care and prevents confusion with first-responder “healthcare coalitions” charged with overseeing Florida’s disaster preparedness and response efforts.

Valid Points with
Karen van Caulil, PhD

Listen to this Valid Points podcast with our President and CEO Karen van Caulil, PhD, to learn more about our innovative initiatives and Employer/Healthcare Purchaser Rights:

A Conversation with Bill J. Dinger from The Walt Disney Company

Director, Healthcare Innovation and Labor
The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is one of the founding members of the organization back when it was called the Central Florida Health Care Coalition. I personally became involved with the coalition 14 years ago when Disney was building its first on-site health clinic. The coalition team was with us every step of the way and helped us strengthen ties with the community. 

Once the Disney clinic was open, I became a consultant for the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Medicine as they established their faculty practice. I knew we needed the coalition’s support to help drive the UCF footprint in health care. Many of the initial meetings and introductions to community providers were made by coalition leadership. I worked on bringing the health information technology regional extension center grant along with Karen van Caulil to UCF. That $8 million grant helped thousands of Central Florida providers adopt electronic record technology and meet meaningful use requirements. 

I then returned to Disney where I now serve as Director of Healthcare Innovation and Labor. In this role, I am responsible for the direct contracts here in Central Florida, the benefits analytics function, the benefits components of labor negotiations, onsite medical facilities (not occupational), and overall healthcare strategy. I talk to the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value team weekly to help influence our initiatives.

The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value connects us with the community and has its finger on the pulse of the greatest needs and possible gaps in care. More importantly, they work to resolve issues that are identified and improve the overall quality of care in the community which benefits our Cast Members and their families.

Originally its work was focused on Central Florida. However, over the years they have expanded their reach and have become more essential at the state level. The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value is viewed as an expert and trusted resource and leads important discussions at the state level that help drive significant positive change in the delivery and quality of health care in Florida.

From an employer perspective, the networking they provide is invaluable. Everyone wants to find better solutions, but the question is always “how?” The Florida Alliance pulls people together, hears their different perspectives, finds common threads, aligns goals and then speaks with one voice. That role is very powerful. They also work in partnership with the healthcare providers to share our collective concerns and drive innovative improvements that benefit everyone. The Leapfrog patient safety and quality improvement work they do with the hospitals is especially important to enhance healthcare quality, safety and transparency.

Florida is one of the largest states in the U.S., and we continue to experience tremendous growth. Continuing to work together to improve quality will remain a top priority. Our needs are multi-faceted, and with new government regulations, technological advancements and health challenges, the environment is constantly changing. We will continue to turn to the leadership of the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value to collectively guide us through whatever lies ahead.