Our Work

The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value serves a unique role in identifying the most pressing healthcare needs facing Florida’s employers and healthcare purchasers, and then collaborating with healthcare stakeholders to drive meaningful change.

Our work currently focuses on achieving two primary goals:

  1. Driving Quality Improvement
  2. Leading Transformation to Value-based Delivery of Care and Payment Reform


From our organization’s beginning in 1984, we have been conducting ground-breaking quality improvement work. Data, transparency, standardization, and consistency form the foundation of our quality improvement programs and projects which currently include:

The Leapfrog Group is a national, nonprofit watchdog organization dedicated to advancing positive change in the quality and safety of health care throughout the United States. The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value has served as Florida’s Regional Leader for The Leapfrog Group since 2002, driving increased participation by Florida’s hospitals in The Leapfrog Hospital Survey and Ambulatory Surgery Center Survey. 

This employer-led project directly addresses the significant differences that exist between what private health plans and Medicare pay for the same hospital services, measuring and publicly reporting the gaps. It empowers our employer members to ensure that their insurance carriers are effectively negotiating reasonable prices.


As the second largest purchaser of health care in the United States after the federal government, employers have the opportunity to align and transform health care from fee-for-service delivery and payment for care to value-based delivery and payment for care. Our current Transformation to Value-Based Delivery of Care and Payment Reform initiatives include the following:

Assessing Market Readiness for Change

We are active members of the Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR), a national alliance of progressive employers and healthcare purchasers working to get better value for their healthcare dollar. Through this membership, we are involved in the following:

The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value has been a national leader in the evolution and education of Alternative Payment Models (APM). Case rates, bundled payments, Centers of Excellence, and episodes of care all fall under the APM umbrella. Through this initiative, we:

As part of a national initiative driven by the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and others, the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value has been selected to lead efforts in Florida to address the public health crisis of mental health and substance use. This includes leveraging the influence of our employer members to work with providers and payers to improve availability, affordability, and access to early detection and appropriate treatment.

The United States spends more on health care than any other country, and it is estimated that more than $340 billion annually is spent on low-value care. This includes services that provide little or no benefit to patients, have the potential to cause harm, incur unnecessary cost to patients, or waste limited healthcare resources. With the need to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality, the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value is working to identify and address the most prevalent low-value care issues in Florida.