Our Purpose

Mission, Strategy, Value, and Principles

Our Mission

As a leading global destination where millions come to live, work, play, and retire, Florida should offer nothing but the highest value, safest, best practice health care for its citizens and visitors. The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value’s mission has always been about striving to make our state a world-class leader in healthcare quality and affordability through collaboration, innovation, transparency, and action.

Our Strategy

The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value represents more than 80 public and private sector employer/healthcare purchasers with lives in Florida. Our organizational strategy relies on committed community partnerships to promote health and significantly drive down the cost of care while improving its quality.

Our Value

As the second largest purchaser of health care after the federal government, employers represent millions of consumers who expect the best quality health care at the best price. The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value, as the collective voice of these purchasers and consumers, has the unique ability to leverage its members and strategic partners to identify and implement meaningful improvements in healthcare delivery and payment reform. Our initiatives benefit all consumers in the state when healthcare quality is improved, and care is affordable.

Principles of Quality