Session #1 – September 19, 2023

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MBGH Employer Resources on Obesity Management:

Obesity Management Toolkit

Tackling Obesity in the Workplace
 – Employer Action Brief
 – Employer Video

Supporting your Weight Loss Journey
 – Employee Action Brief
 – Employee Video

Customizeable Educational Articles

Lung Cancer Resources from our Sponsors:

Lung Cancer Screening Patient Guide (Genentech)

Smoking Cessation Flashcard (Genentech)

The Importance of Screening for Lung Cancer (Merck)

Other Resources:

CDC Recommendations for HPV Vaccinations

National Alliance Employer Learning Modules in Oncology and Checklists (2021)

Prevention and Preliminary Diagnosis
Module One: 
 – Checklist

Module 2: Diagnosis, Treatment Planning & Care
 – Recording
 – Checklist

Module 3: Survivorship, Surveillance & Back to Work
 – Recording
 – Checklist

National Cancer Treatment Alliance Biomarker Testing Toolkit

National Comprehensive Cancer Network Employer Toolkit