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The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value is an employer-led research and education organization that brings together benefits leaders and healthcare stakeholders to develop and implement innovative improvements in healthcare cost, quality, transparency and safety in Florida.

Empowering Employers to Transform Healthcare Quality and Delivery

Nationally recognized, we are Florida’s only business coalition on health. For more than three decades, we have worked to promote quality through collaboration. Today, we are redefining and driving healthcare value in a number of ways:

What We Believe — Employer / Healthcare Purchaser Rights

Employers and healthcare purchasers have the right to:

Advocate for better value in the health care they purchase for their employees

Transparency of the costs and quality of the care they purchase

Be proactive and empowered purchasers of health care, seeking out innovative ways to generate value for their employees and their families

Use their healthcare data to support new partnerships made in an effort to accelerate value

Expect that quality is measured in a meaningful way

Ensure that plan members have the best patient care imaginable

What Our Employer Members Say

“What I value most about our membership in the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value is that our company is given a voice. With webinars, conferences, networking, legislative and policy input, and quality/cost initiatives, it has an unmatched value proposition. And the larger we become, the larger voice we have and the more we can collectively move the quality/cost needle.”

Ashley Bacot, Director of Risk Management

Rosen Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Watch for upcoming events!