Beth Curran, Senior Director, Risk Management

Orange County Public Schools has been a member of the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value since its inception in 1984. They provide us a wealth of resources. We are able to network with other employers facing the same challenges, tap into their collective knowledge base, identify new ideas, and more quickly build solutions to improve […]

Ashley Bacot, Director of Risk Management

It seems, these days, we are all so incredibly busy. Tasks are coming at us a mile a minute. More often the deadlines are yesterday. And if that is not enough, COVID-19 is thrown into the mix. I recently reached out to the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value as I needed immediate advice with COVID-19 […]

Dr. Ray Bowman, CHRO and SVP for Talent and Team Development

Membership in the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value is a no-brainer. It significantly saves money for both companies and their employees while simultaneously allowing us to provide better benefits to our employees. Their tireless management team never lets up in their pursuit of excellence.