29th Annual Conference
Attendee Materials

 – In-person event held at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando Florida – 

Friday, June 17, 2022

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View A “Fireside Chat” on the Price of Health Care in Florida below: 

Innovator Showcase Follow-up Materials

Pear Therapeutics – presented by Steve Stitt

Memorial Healthcare System – presented by Richard Ashenoff

Q&A Follow up

Follow up on the question asked during the afternoon panel session about whether public sector employers must comply with the Consolidation Appropriations Act (CAA): 

First of all, it’s complicated! Not every type of employer sponsored health plan has to comply with every element of the CAA (nor is any employer sponsored health plan exempt from the entire CAA!). We have put a couple of pages of notes together, breaking down the main part of the CAA that pertain to employers. For each high-level item, it includes who this section impacts and which agency/organization has jurisdiction. This document is a work in progress but we wanted to share the current version with you now. We still need to add the due date for each item and create a summary table that includes all the components of the CAA. Please check back to this link for updates.

Additional Resources

Click here to get more information about the RAND 4.0 Hospital Price Transparency Study, the NASHP Hospital Cost Tool, and Sage Transparency (hospital value dashboard).

The Commonwealth Fund article, Tackling High Health Care Prices: A Look at Four Purchaser-Led Efforts, features the employer-led efforts spotlighted in the first session and later in the fireside chat.

Thank you again to our generous host and sponsors!